Congratulations Gavin!


On January 24th, Victoria resident Gavin won the jackpot of a lifetime

Gavin was on the road to recovery from a knee surgery over the last 4 months when he discovered the convenience of playing his favourite games from home on PlayNow. However, during that time he never imagined he would one day win the jackpot.

Gavin was playing Rumble in the Jungle when he hit the jackpot. "I thought it was a mistake," he recounted, "I thought there was something wrong with the site." He then laughed about how he phoned in right away to make sure that it was all really happening. Once he got confirmation that he really did win the jackpot, he said he was overwhelmed with "intense happiness."

"It doesn't get any better than this," he gestured.

Gavin and his wife plan on using the winnings to help pay for renovations on their home. They would also like to share the joy with their parents and children.

Congratulations Gavin and "holy dealio!" indeed. We wish you a speedy and happy recovery!

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